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Dranor-Zylander Scout


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  • Thanks, i have alot of experience in a number of different game communitys as well as understanding what good moderation is - not that ive been a moderator nor wish too. CIG even as it stands now is a more mature community than the likes of Steam so im happy to continue speaking in such a manner as long as everything i say isn't edited the moment its deemed outside of CIG's wishes or a little too mature. Im happy to comment within their G rated framework providing i can still speak as an adult.

    Im also naturally just an optimistic person and many in the past have spited me for this fact but we cant be someone we are not.
    November 2016
  • PikAs_53
    Hi Dranor-Zylander

    don't despair, ignore the no-brainers, concentrating on off topic issue, instead of the content. I wish I could still be so polite and on topic like you.
    Thanks for your efforts to keep this issues up. Hopefully your thread will stay here, and is not, like my poll and thread shifted to a forgotten place, where it is jumped by nobrainers and spineless yes sayers, where any further word is a waste of time.

    Best Regards
    November 2016
  • eXpG_RapidDarkVenom
    added you in Alpha 1.2 .... please add also A1438 and M1061
    August 2015