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Eschatos Fooled!


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  • Slaughterfish
    Thanks for posting that video inyer view on my instancing question!
    January 30
    • Eschatos
      No worries, glad I could help.
  • Dovy01
    Did I miss something ?
    October 2016
  • Conflict_Viper
    Congrat's, seems the efforts for newbies has been rewarded with some attention after having seen this weeks ATV, a little attention from CIG and some community action.....a great combination. :)
    February 2016
    • Eschatos
      I'm not sure if the thread even got noticed, but kudos to the person who put that tutorial list together, that was great.
    • Conflict_Viper
      Oh I think it got noticed....hence the sudden tutorial fixes ^^ ......and yeah, josh-kbosh did a good job with putting together that vid' selection...the combination should help a lot of new people coming to the game and that has to be a good thing for everyone involved.
  • Conflict_Viper
    Hi Eschatos....

    .......just wanted to say " Thanks for taking on this issue " ! I had considered it myself...but frankly it feels like playing * Whack a Mole * trying to keep on top of the negative elements of the community, who rather than add to the discussion and improve the experience for those following us on this journey, prefer to air their personal views and frustrations at this early stage of development. There seems to be a lot of the " I, Me, Mine, Ours in reference to this a child that doesn't want to share it's's a thankless task you've undertaken....but you'll always have mine for saving me from doing " Thanks Eschatos " ! /Salute.
    February 2016
    • Eschatos
      Cheers! See you in game again soon, that was fun last time.
  • EdgeOfTheWorld
    Grats on getting your question on 10 for the Devs mate!
    January 2016
  • adambomb
    ""Are you in a Organization yet?"
    March 2014
  • GravityGrave
    My kind of player! Are you planning on joining (or have you already joined) a squad? I'd love to play with like-minded people like yourself.
    October 2013
    • Eschatos
      You've been pm'd.
    • Baseface
      Hi there, no i have not joined anything jet, still in research mode ;) but i really want to play with like-minded not so much war fixated people if you know wat i mean ;).. are you in any group/squad?, how can i join a squad?? i have many friend`s who also are looking for groups/squad`s and we are all WORKING Pep`s ;) not fighters as such... What kind of Ship would be good for that kind of play style??
  • NickSchouten
    Hello, I'm very interested in your point of view of Star Citizen, do you have Skype not for real talking just chatting. I want to discuss something!
    October 2013
    • Eschatos
      sent you a pm.
    • Baseface
      OK i`m Sofus_pedersen on skype