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discolando Developer


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    I write since I'm very poor live but your game does not leave me to be indifferent to her please give me a CONSTELLATION ANDROMEDA ship
    I really like his design makes me think I understand
    That writing this is nonsense, but I really can not buy more than one package for
    I just have to watch the video and watch the game
    Other players in advance thank you your game is the best
    March 25
  • SamuraiZack
    Hi Jared, I am writing this to you as you may recall this post from some time back: . As a South African I am hoping that CIG will see that South Africa would be in dire need of local servers. South Africa might not currently have the required numbers to convince you of that but SC is still in Alpha and therefor doesn't get the same exposure here like other games such as BF1, Dota, Wow, ARMA etc. etc. I am going to be trying to "rally the troops" to dload and play SC over your testing period but, really, for now I'm just trying to create some awareness not only of our existence but also our potential for growth. I know it's not my place to ask such things but, perhaps you could mention to your colleagues, during your coffee break, that there are these fanatical SC players in deepest darkest Africa praying for a local server. Best Regards, Zack
    February 3
  • Capt_Rahl
    Hi, I have a problem and I don't know who to talk to. I wanted to buy back a old pledge that I recently melted because I wanted the original ship again. But it seems like that's not possible and now I'm screwed, please help.
    December 2016
  • WhiskeyOmega
    just a tip as i assume youre using skype to talk to devs at other studios during livestreams. Ive found that using Discord for the audio gives much better audio quailty then using skype itself
    December 2016
  • MasterSgt
    Hi Jarred, just wanted to say you do a great job as the front man for CIG. I worked at a large Zoo in the past where we had a great PR staff. So I know somewhat of your role. Keep up the good work and keep ducking the slings and arrows of naysayers, etc. Looking forward to the sale Friday. All the best to you and the staff.
    November 2016
    • Archangel_666
      I second that, you're all doing a awesome job! :D Keep it up!
  • zerkerz
    @DiscoLando-CIG Can you guys show some support for no shave movember?
    November 2016
  • Alsinor
    Jarred, I wanted to bring this video from STLYoungblood to your attention.
    Pay back is a bitch.
    October 2016
  • too_many_names
    @DiscoLando-CIG Hi there! I am interested in interning at one of your offices. I have a flowery letter which makes the appeal, but I am unsure where I should send it to (aside from CIG's HR addresses). Could you help direct me to whomever might be able to consider my request? Thanks.
    October 2016
  • Equatis
    Hey Jared. I saw this on Reddit and was impressed enough to want to make sure you guys got a hold of it. I'd sent it to Tyler, but I think he's eating Bar-B-Q pizza in New York.
    October 2016
  • Avilyn
    Mr. Lando i heard you played on Ahazi SWG what guild and name... i hope i never wronged you @_@... shame shame shame... Lolithane Lyn - Nepal. The one and only Tusken King underwear dancer
    August 2016
  • PingB

    I'm not yet Star Citizen but my question is:

    If I can translate the game is it possible to have even start package of the game ?
    August 2016
  • Tony_Knightcrawler
    Good job coordinating the video at Gamecom 2016! :-D
    August 2016
  • Shankerz
    Did Will change his name to Discolando?
    July 2016
  • Maniple
    DisoLando... first I appreciate all the work you do on the forums. This is one of the few times I think that perhaps you let you heart rule your head. I am speaking about the comment line you closed here:
    Now, while you are obviously correct in that the concept art wasn't changed from the sale back in 2014, the actual comments from others were worth some consideration. Yes, there was quite a bit of attention paid to the Caterpillar but obviously some backers feel that they did not get to voice their opinions, before the changes were made. That is worrisome. Plus, and note this is my impression... this is a somewhat common feeling among other Concierge backers. I have yet to purchase the ship. However, the reason I have eased off on buying any ships is because they change so much in development. I understand getting a bit upset, but closing the comment thread was abrupt. I wish you hadn't.
    July 2016
    • Legion-Geth
      Maniple, to be exact, the ship was sold in late 2013 with the spiky picture, there were absolutely none of the additional pictures available and giving the impression that nothing has changed in this case comes from the fact that CIG just used one of those pictures for the sales pitch that was apparently already outdated back then.

      I know it because like the khartu, I bought it on the first sale.
  • Jackhammer_MERC
    Hi DiscoLando, first of all thanks for your work and that of all in the Team. I got a question and really don't know who else to ask. At the Moment we're having some serious discussions about UEE-Navy organisation. Most of all the hierachy of Elements. Could you please tell us what the lore is about that. The main question is if fighter organisation is: Group-Wing-Squadron-Flight or Squadron-Wing-Group-Flight or another combination of these. We're german Speakers and so it might be not that clear as it might be for someone whose native language is english. Thank you!
    July 2016
  • spartins
    is there going to be a Mod of some sort where u can buy a different interior for your ship i know u can buy a Different ship for a different color but what if we don't want a different ship but just a different Interior ? ... I can flay to a different stations for different interiors ....
    July 2016
  • Afuryin_heaven
    Did you guys say the winners for the shubin contest?
    June 2016
  • Tayonas
    In the post it says Squadron 42 comes with the pledge, has this not changed?
    May 2016
    • Ciniq
      Yes, it changed awhile back. It's not my convo, but yeah.
  • NightHawk007
    hey just wanted to pass by and say hi.....keep up the great work.
    May 2016
  • Mitchimus
    Is there any chance that the Anvil Carrack will be again offered as a upgrade in the near future?
    April 2016
    • ZoeSedai
      Heya :)
      I would like to know the very same thing. I unfortunately missed it every time because i had no PC capable to join SC and to avoid frustration i didnt check the page regular. Since January i have a good PC and i eagerly wait for a possibility to upgrade my aquila. :)
    • BokaBR
      Guys, most likelly yes. They have done it in every single time a ship becomes hangar/fly ready. Hold on and you will get your chance
  • TomCo
    Hello my dear Lando. I have a wish that probably wont be granted but ill ask anyway! Is there any chance that you could sell an 890 to my friend? He wont shut up about it and im tired of him nagging about it. Thanks either way and keep doing a good job as you do!
    April 2016
  • Novus_Nova
    As outdated people say here in Illinois... Keep Hope Alive!
    Keep doing your thing Disco
    February 2016
  • DragoFire
    Jared can you please advise when as you put it:

    Hello Retaliator Remake!

    We've created new ship series subforums. Super mega-threads like this are too difficult for us to track feedback effectively, so we're closing them all down and inviting folks to use the new subforums, this way, we can actually get your feedback to the correct people!

    in the mega-Relaliator topic
    expect any form of developer response to topics?

    Currently the Tali community is still awaiting Ben's promise to look at our letter to CIG about concerns with the current design. Even though he promised it would be done after 2.0 had completed testing, and we accepted that as we've been trying to get heard for almost 2years with little to no response.
    February 2016
    • Novus_Nova
      I agree. Could you, Jared, or someone else give us a little insight on if the Retaliator is being looked at or if it was necessary to push the review back; that would help a lot. :)
  • TomChrist
    Jared, rock that shaved head, bud. Keep up the good work and thank you for your great interviews! You are a goofy dude and that is awesome. Also, why the mad love for Lando? Was it because he was the only brother in space? XD
    January 2016
  • asc3
    hey, thanks for all your work etc. but acting all goofy on the last Reverse the Verse while Sean was talking about very interesting stuff, was annoying to watch really
    December 2015
  • BlackSix
    I didn't know where else to send this to. I just wanted to Thank you and your whole team! I have enjoyed watching you and Ben working hard to engage this community. I just played a few hours of alpha 2.0 and I have to say, while it was understandable rough, it was a blast. I was just kinda giddy for a bit. If you could pass that love to the whole team and let them know that we appreciate their many long hours. I hope you can feel some support when you need it. Cheers.
    December 2015
  • ForgerOfEmpires
    Thank you for the work you do for this game we all love! You do a fantastic job with interviews especially. There is definitely a knack to interviewing people in a way that focuses the interview on the information that the guest has to offer, while keeping the guest comfortable and the pace of the conversation on track. Keep up the good work, man.
    December 2015