Custom Joystick w/throttle


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I have the result of only having one working hand the other is weak.
That's fine, but it's my left hand that's working. Now thise posses problems that are hard if not impossible to find the solutions.

At the moment I've got a Hydra for it's up/down left/right strafe left/strafe right and the little analogue mouse joystick for looking around.
I use only one set while the second one stays to neutral. It works quite well in FPS games I can move around and shoot. The same would work in simulator except there is no throttle. Also, my hands gets tired after a while, need to beef it up :)

So I have to look for 3 axis joystick with a wheel/throttle and the small mouse.

The S90 is ok-ish it has the basic thinks but it uses buttons instead of a wheel for the throttle. S290 would require a second hand which is impossible (for now) and if you macro it to some buttons about you it still is a button switch, I'd prefer a wheel >__<. These are omni handed some it means a left or right can use it.

I looking for custom joystick for this, and could only find arcade and industrail sites. I couldn't find any actual custom maker for a flight sim really.
any thoughts or ideas and no, my right foot is weak too. :/


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