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Here are my Lego minifig scale Star Citizen ships: Gladius, Gladiator, M50, 350R, P52, Hornet, and Avenger - made in LDD.

The Gladius has retractable gear and opening canopy. The Gladiator has 2 Minifigs, cockpit and turret that open, turret swivels 360 and guns articulate, gear retracts, and bomb bay opens with removable torpedos. The M50 has retractable gear and the cockpit opens. The 350R has a removable canopy for cockpit access, retractable gear, and entry doors that open on both sides with an interior that leads to the cockpit. The P52 has retractable gear, and a cockpit that opens. The Hornet canopy opens, turret rotates, wings sweep, gear retracts, landing thrusters deploy. The Avenger gear retracts, cargo bay door opens to access cargo bay, and cockpit opens.

If you want to see more, just click on a picture and it will take you to my Flickr page where you can browse through all of them.

Support my Hornet on Lego Ideas!
Support my M50 and 350R on Lego Ideas!

Also, check out my Star Citizen Microfighters (smaller, cheaper, easier to build & display - same scale as official Star Wars ones)

Thanks & Enjoy!

Star Citizen Gladius

Star Citizen Gladiator

Star Citizen Ships
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