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Writing official fiction for Star Citizen



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We've gotten a few queries about writing for Star Citizen, so I'm giving the answers here, where everyone can find them.

Right now we're publishing two types of story:

* A monthly serial in the PDF magazine (Jump Point),
A Jump Point episode is about 4000 words. Typically, we publish a four-part story (yes, that's different from what it's been before), so a Jump Point story is usually about 16K words.

* A weekly online episode, freely available, in Spectrum Dispatch
A Spectrum Dispatch episode is about 1500 words. We plan on these stories being about 10-12 episodes long, so a Spectrum Dispatch story is about 15K-18K words.

Either way, the length is in the upper teens, but the pacing is somewhat different between the two types of story.

Before you send us any proposals for stories, I want to see one or two things you've already written. It doesn't have to be about Star Citizen; it doesn't even have to be space fiction. What I'm looking for is the ability to write interesting narrative and natural dialogue — if I don't see that in your writing, I will politely decline you. It doesn't have to be previously unpublished — if you want to send a chapter from a book that you've already published, or point me to a website that has one of your stories, that's just as good. On the other hand, noting that I'm looking for dialogue and narrative, please don't send poems, songs or even screenplays — they don't have the format that will tell me whether you are a good fit for SC stories.

Unfortunately, most of the queries we get I will decline; that's the nature of writing. Note that that doesn't say you aren't a good writer — it may be the wrong type of fiction for your writing style, or we may simply be wrong about what we see. Please, if you're interested in writing, keep writing, no matter how many rejections you get, from us or anyone else.

P.S. As folks have pointed out, I neglected to give you the best way to contact me. Please send any messages to:
  • Shey

    Posts: 16

    Where do you want these sent?
  • Tem-Barone

    Posts: 417

    Maybe this should be sticky
  • DonDeathcall

    Posts: 143

    Wait, you mean we can actually have our stories become "official" part of the 'verse?

    I thought there were legal implications and what not! That's pretty awesome that you guys would do that.

    Though I'm sure you guys are more than capable of picking out the writers who do best, wouldn't it be beneficial for the fan-fiction community to have some kind of "best story of the week/month" or "top 5 of the month" or "Team's Choice Awards" you know, something that would shine some light on those forgotten writers?

    Although, I suppose we could organize that community side if we got a couple of willing reviewers with some time on their hands...

    EDIT: I can already think about categories! Best New Lore, Best Characters, Best Action/Drama/Comedy, oh that might be fun and help burn time while that funding meter goes up...
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