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I really hope they will do something about the animations in Star Marine. Meaning the "climb ladder" "fall down" "hack computer" i find them taking way to long. I dont use the ladders anymore because one is stuck in the climbing animation and trying to dodge shots is impossible. Or when you fall down, takes waaay to long to get up. One is simply a sitting duck. I know SC is only in the alpha stage but it is seriously bad. Are these animations really needed? One can't do anything until the animation have completed.

Not going to just point out faults but some possible improvements.

So Climbing, if one is on the ladder and someone is shooting at you maybe one could "interupt" the climbing animation and maybe slide down the ladder. Like hands and feet on the outer side like in the movies.

And falling down, when on the floor one could be able to roll to the sides with direction keys to avoid being shot. And press space to get up. Maybe a quick press would put you in crouch position as a alt "fast" move and hold to stand up.

Hacking, not much to be said but to be able to quit the animation faster.

I hope all you understand what i am saying with me not so great explinations. And/or language/spelling.
Animations in Star Marine.
  1. Are the animations too long?1 vote
      Yes! The changes presented are an improvment.
    1. Yes, but i have other ideas on how to improve.
    2. No, I like them how they are.
    3. No! Getting the banu merchantman flight ready is taking way to long!
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    While I agree with what you are saying, you have to realise that these changes that these animations are not a priority. CIG is more interested in gaming the actual game done, and so is the rest of the community.
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    More to the point, I don't see them speeding up e.g. the Terminal Hacking animation, because that is linked to the actual time it takes to hack the terminal. Speeding up the animation would require the hack to be done quicker - and that would change the gameplay balance of the map, etc.
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