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Can someone give me a rundown on how insurance will supposedly be used in the future? what happens when it ends, how do you buy it/renew it, etc.
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  • Logical_Chimp

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    Nope - can't do that.

    We can't give you the run down, because we don't know - CIG hasn't given any details, beyond 'you can renew it', etc.
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  • Gagarin

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    There's not much to say.

    Beyond the FAQ...

    A 2+ year old comment from CR suggested that the time-limited insurance would only tick down while you were in the game. So if you left for vacation for 2 weeks, you wouldn't return with all of your insurance gone.

    He also implied in that same video it would tick down at whatever accelerated in-game clock there was while logged in... so if an in-game 24hr earth day was really like 6 hours then that would be 1 day of insurance. MAYBE. It was unclear and a while ago.
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  • Sillia

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    Also it has been stated that the renewal cost for insurance is roughly the equal the profit that ship would usually make from completing one mission. So unless you have dozens of ships this will likely not be a significant cost.
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