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GTA 5 has given me the inspiration here but I remember hearing them say galactic news will play in the bar's TV and maybe even the Murray cup or other races well how about galactic TV shows too and have commercials which already plays on the TV's but also like orgs and corps having they're recruitment ads playing on the TV's....

and like GTA 5 maybe even having a Faux internet... the umm spectrum I believe is supposed to be something like that... have social sites and a galactic youtube with other players posting funny vids on it and even org websites on it
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    You've already posted in another thread where I cited CIG's news program statements and player (and dev) reporter information, so I 'll just post these small ones here - Player-originated ads in Spectrum:

    Player Ads/sponsorship for racing:

    Usuegi: Will Player organizations be able to advertise through in game newspapers or billboards? It could also help to add immersion, and make player orgs seem like a part of the PU.
    Dan Tracey: We're looking at doing the Hull series concept, and one of the setups that'll be shown will be external panels that'll be setup like billboards, with clan-tags or whatever. So one of the things we want to do in the PU is actually allow players to take on these jobs, saying "I'm travelling from Terra, to say, Stanton, and because of that time spent in space, I'll have these advertising spaces available". Some in-game organisations/companies might pay for that advertising space for that time the ship has spent in space. We're looking at doing this for the racing part of the game as well, and the paint system that we've been making right now will allow this from players. So mainly for the Hull series at the moment, but we'll expand that in future.
    Calix Reneau: Yeah, you should be able to visually represent your organisation, and also get some of that sweet ad revenue as well.

    emphasis mine from:

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