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Greetings Citizens!

You have been chosen by the Cloud Imperium to present questions regarding the Anvil Terrapin and it's role in Star Citizen!

As we so often do when a new concept ship is unveiled, we'll be sharing two new Questions and Answers posts on Wednesday and Friday of this week, using questions collected from this thread, so walk away from history! History, CItizens! Did Chris Columbus stay home? Nooooo. What if the Wright Brothers thought that only birds should fly? And did Galoka think that the Ulus were too ugly to save? Heck no! So give us your questions now, and come back Wednesday and Friday to learn more about the Anvil Terrapin.

Jared Huckaby
Community Manager, Cloud Imperium Games
  • chiggerv4

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    will the terrapin come with a jump drive? edited

    what weapons/weapon hardpoints does the terrapin have and how many?

    will there be variants/buk?

    if yes, how many, what variants/buks?

    how do you justify the high price, what special equipment does the pin have, if it has some at all?

    what will its jumprange be compared to a 315p/dur/carrack/vanguard?
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  • Furious_Fred

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    Will it have
    Does it fit in or on any other ship?
    Couldn't decide which ship I want, so I got many. Helps funding and looks nice.
  • Mark_F

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    Can I just point out: The Terrapin does have a jump drive.

    There's no point in asking a question that is already answered in the information we already have as, if it's selected for the Q&A, it takes the place of questions that could lead to new information.
  • Taii

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    1. Can a Terrapin fit in a Carrack?

    2. Will there be BUKs for the Terrapin?
  • Zippyskates

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    It's a $195US explorer ship. It better come with a ****ing jump drive. Surely you could ask a better question then that.

    Here's an example.

    Where is the value in this pledge ship? Is it rarity? Is it fantastic standard equipment? Is its outstanding combat capabilities? Or is it that a sucker is born everyday?
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  • John-McFly

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    Does the Terp have a standard docking port, or is it like the Vanguard with only the ramp for entry?

    Crew escape method?

    What is the armament? S5 turret fitted with two S2 guns (undersized)? S5 turret with two hull-mounted S2s? The materials are inconsistent.

    Can the sensors be replaced with turrets or weapons?

    How do the sensor hard points compare to the DUR, Aquila, and Carrack? How does the stock sensor package compare between the four ships?

    Could more information about scanning be released? Are there different sensors for 1) finding instanced locations/encounters, 2) locating a specific ship, 3) SAR beacons, 4) jump points, 5) mining/mineral surveys or are the sensors multi-function?

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  • deadweight

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    QUESTION 1: What special features sets the Terrapin apart from other explorers other than its armor and shields? In other words, why would someone choose a Terrapin over a Freelancer DUR or Aquila or Carrack?

    QUESTION 2: Is the Terrapin modular in any way? Can the center seat be removed to make room for cargo space or maybe replace the entire section with jump seats so it can double as a dropship?
  • submarine

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    What will the avionics rack space be like in comparison to a Sentinel for ewar and scanner upgrades.

    WIll it be able to do what a Sentinel can do, just without the firepower or is it superior in a technical application as a dedicated support ship.
  • Gremlin5

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    RadiantFlux's post here https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/comment/6915344/#Comment_6915344 covers most of the questions

    I'm wondering about its speed and shielding. More clarification on its weapon mounts - sizes and types would be nice as well.
  • TheJopp

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    - Can we replace the top S4 utility mount with a turret mount (Tanks need a 360 degree turret dagnammit)

    -Can we replace the belly S3 utility mount for a turret mount (Because a flying tank needs TWO 360 degree turrets dagnammity)
  • DaphneJones

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    Can the Terrapin carry cargo? How much?

    Can the second seat be removed to allow more cargo space? How many SCU does this add?

    Can the scanners be removed to allow more cargo space? How many SCU does this add?

    Does it have a bed?

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  • BasuruGuru

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    Will it have any direct interaction (docking etc) with the Carrack?
  • Ishida

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    Can the feet of the Terrapin grab hold on asteroids?

    How is the signature size? Active scan = christmas tree, allright, but what about passive scanning?
    Can I pin it on an asteroid and eavesdrop on the (enemy) commuication in the system? Scanning passive for ship movements and such? Like... I don't know... a reconnaissance patrol?
  • Pantegana

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    Terrapin is flying ability Hovercraft planet surface as Dragonfly or submarine?

    If yes, maybe having high speed hovercraft abilities balanced by slowly flying ?
    Best regard.
  • Jakster

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    [Mandatory] Does it have an ejection seat for the pilot and/or a crew escape pod?

    Is it a better exploration ship than the DUR? Why or why not? Please be specific.

    What do you envision will attach to the utility hardpoints beyond scanning devices? Mining lasers? Salvage claw? Additional weapons?

    Why extra armor over larger shields? Is destructible armor a better overall defense than rechargeable shields?

    What are the specific QD and jump ranges of a stock Terrapin? Compare to similar DUR information.

    Is the Terrapin designed to afford more protection from all danger, such as EW, boarding attempts, and collision resistance?

    The Terrapin seems expensive compared to other ships. What specific attributes contribute to the higher price?
  • Darwin-VII

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    Can we sling a Gatling gun in the side entrance for covering embarking and disembarking?

    Domi Ignotis
  • Rooakh

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    Can a science/research module (like on the Reliant Sen) be installed?
    Can an EMP weapon module (like on the Avenger Warlock) be installed?
    Can it scoop and process its own fuel as it travels through the vacuum of space?
  • ElkarDyn

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    • Can the Terrapin as, envisioned in the concept sale, carry any cargo? If so, how much (in SCU)?
    • Can the second seat be removed to allow more cargo space? How many SCU does this add?
    Utility mounts:
    • Can the top and bottom utility mounts equip weapons? or not?
    • Are there any plans for Battlefield Upgrade Kits (BUKs)?
    • Does it have an ejection seat for the pilot and/or a crew escape pod?
    • How does it compare to the Freelancer DUR, given the $ 195 price tag?
    • What size of signature is (roughly) planned for it? Could heat management downsize the signature a lot?
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  • Ibly1

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    Do you think two beds are necessary? If one player logs out can the second player log out in the same bed or do they remain occupied? If it's one bed per player that is a problem for a ship that would operate far from a friendly base.
  • Schooner

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    Can it go through a small Jump Point?

    Can it survive a Jump Point navigation error better than other ships?

    Can it be used as a Drop Ship? If so, what is the maximum number of marines it can carry?
  • RadiantFlux

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    Terrapin questions


    A 1)
    What size gun(s) will the Terrapin be able to hold on the nose mount?
    As it is a S5 remote turret we presume it will be able to hold a fixed S5 gun, or twin-link fixed S4 guns, or twin-link gimbal S3.
    But as it holds dual gimbal S2 in the concept, does this mean the calculation above must be downed by one size? So the biggest gun(s) would be single fixed S4 or dual fixed S3?

    A 2)
    Will the nose gun be partially embedded in the hull when a fixed gun is used?
    A S5 or S4 gun might look odd in proportion to the size of the ship. (The Avenger lost it's big gun for this reason)
    It has also been stated by CIG that guns might have limitations depending on the restrictions of the ship hull/mesh/shape. Would this be a gun-size restriction here too?

    A 3)
    Will the utility mounts be able to hold guns - or combat equipment in general?
    Looking at the Cutlass and Hornet mounts that seem similar in use.

    A 4)
    If we are able to put guns or stuff onto the utility mounts, will those be able to retract as the current scanners can?
    The scanners are protected by retractable armor when not in use. Would these layers be useless if something of a different shape than the scanners was attached?


    B 1)
    Is the size two shield a medium shield equivalent to four small shields?
    As some ships still use the old sizing system this has led to confusion.

    B 2)
    What is so spacial about the shields of the Terrapin?
    In the brochure we read: “To support such high grade shield generators [...]”
    What exactly makes them “high grade”?


    C 1)
    How many thrusters does this ship have in total and what sizes are they?
    The documents we have about the thrusters are unfortunately confusing and seem incomplete.
    We have 12 thrusters listed but if we count them in the holo-view we can find 14.
    Based on the holo view information we know the rear thrusters (blue) to be TR3.

    Due to the fact that the rear joint thrusters (green) are bigger than the ones at the front they qualify to be the second set of TR3 thrusters.
    The eight small thrusters (red) are clear, but it seems we are missing the size of the front joint thrusters (pink) which are visually smaller than the rear ones, so maybe S2?

    C 2)
    How maneuverable are you planning this ship to be in space and atmosphere?
    I am asking about the general placement compared to the other ships.
    For example:
    “In space it will be worse than a Hornet but better than a Vanguard”
    “In atmosphere this ship will be the worst of all ships in it's size class.”

    C 3)
    Is the Terrapin better at 6dof controlled flight than most other ships?
    With it's usefulness in asteroid fields this would fit it well.

    C 4)
    What top SCM speed do you have in mind for the ship?
    Nobody expects it to be fast or to get exact numbers, but a rough indicator would be nice.
    Like: Below 180? Above 170? Faster than an Aurora ES? Slower than a Hornet?


    Will we be able to take out the chair inside the main room and reroute the sensor data to the pilot screens, or is the chair linked to the scanning arrays?

    Curious if the chair is mandatory/necessary to properly read the gathered data.

    Will the main room be modular and give us options to use it for cargo, a laboratory, troop transport, and so on?

    As how much SCU does the white crate on the side count?
    This is just to get a relative understanding of how much we would be able to transport.


    Will the chair and the instruments move up with the pilot when he is seated?
    Comparing the concept art image and the holo-view model we see that a pilot in the chair of the model is seated far lower than on the image. Is the presumption correct that the entire seat will move up when the pilot has entered the chair?


    How likely is it that the cockpit view will be a bit more optimized later?
    The front bars are set up in a impractical way for the pilot atm.
    The aim reticle is very likely to be on top or very close to the middle bar and the entire front seems too “framed”

    A possibility would be to modify it, without losing the protective feeling.
    (similar as to how the new Hornet F7A has the upper strut removed, a little bit of bent glass would be ok? :)

    It is an explorer :)
    Good view would be great!

    (You find the cockpit view discussion with more suggestions here)

    CURRENT CONCEPT - What we have now:


    Possible alternative: (See thread for more)

    Please, please, please, please, please. :)


    Does the Terrapin have bigger than normal fuel tanks for longer travel?
    The brochure and info page suggest such: “The Terrapin has an all-around reputation as a ship that can get travel beyond the most distant jump point ”

    Can the Terrapin attach additional fuel tanks somewhere?
    Same reason as in F1

    How effective will boost be and how fast it will regenerate boost fuel?
    Just a rough idea and direction would be very interesting.
    For example: “Very effective boosting but used up fast” or “not very strong boost but longer boost fuel duration.”


    Will the Terrapin fit inside a Carrack?
    As it is so wonderfully compact.

    How likely is it that the Terrapin size is going to stay so nice and compact?
    I love the current size.
    But things have tendencies to grow after concept.
    Is the current concept creation more defined so that we can be a bit more sure that it will stay roughly the size it has now - or at least not grow more than maybe 20%?


    How should we expect the overheating mechanic to work?
    The brochure talks about venting heat that builds up due to the extra layers of armor.
    Does this mean that during combat we need to find good tactical moments when to vent the excess heat? Would this affect all ship systems such as thrusters, guns etc?

    How would you describe the Terrapins three best and worst features?
    Best would be like: (example)
    Super strong armor, versatile, good at 6dof maneuvering
    Worst would be like: (example)
    Slow top speed, overheats fast, bad atmospheric flight

    Are there variants planned?
    Like: combat variant, cargo variant, stealth variant, science variant etc.

    Does it have an ejection seat?
    Seemed like an obvious question after all the DRAKE fuss. :P

    Can we modify each layer of armour individually?
    The brochure tells us that the Terrapin has 3 layers of armour. Can we later pick those individually? Like:
    Outer layer stealthy armour, middle layer good against ballistic damage and inner layer best against radiation.

    PS: The Terrapin is the most fantastically awesome ship ever! :D
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  • Kirschkern

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    What puts a ship of this size well above the freelancer price range?
  • Vangr

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    well, just answer the Post above me please :D awesome work!
  • AlanFord

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    Can you compare Terrpin's scanning capabilities to current exploration ships like the 315p, Freelancer DUR, Aquila, and Carrack? Where does the Terrapin fit in that company?

    Are you more inclined to make variants or BUKs later down the road and what would they be?

    Does the Terrapin have any cargo capacity?

    Can the 2 mentioned special mounts be used for weapons?
  • EdHarrington

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    If someone was looking at the DUR vs the Terrapin as their primary "getting-around" vehicle, what would be the major talking points with respect to which is better at what?
  • lordhaedn1

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    I know these have been asked, but for emphasis:

    Will the Terrapin for in the Carrack? Or, what is the smallest ship the Terrapin will fit?

    Will the Terrapin have cargo space? Or how much cargo space will the Terrapin have?
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  • ChipmunkofVengeance

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    Question 1
    In the main page, it's said the Terrapin can act as a Heavily Armoured SWACS (Spaceborne Warning and Control System) vessel, so will it be a common sight to see them fulfilling this role as part of UEE Border and Customs patrols?

    Question 2
    Can the Size 4 Utility slot be replaced by an additional size 4 unmanned turret for increased firepower?
  • Jatrol

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    I was going to make a few questions, but after seeing already posted ones, only one is left: does it come in black?

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    Woah. Go RadiantFlux!
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  • BaconofWar

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    Q: How will the scanning package compare to the Tracker?

    Q: Will there be more seats internally (like flip down seats) for temporary passengers?

    Q: Is there a bed and a head? The ship is designed for long missions.

    Q: What speed is the ship compared to other ships of this size? Since it is designed to run with heavy armor it needs to have enough speed to run before the armor wears out.

    Off topic:

    Will there be a Rover Q&A?
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