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The Roberts Space Industries Inquisitor "Mini Freighter" is the little sister to the constellation.


(Will post more screenshots on request)

WIP Status

Interior: 60%
Exterior: 50%
Refinement: 10%
Hardpoints: 5%
Engines: Placeholder
Landing Gear: Placeholder

The project was a little rushed because of a bizarre bug with my modelling software thinking it is on trial when its not.

Anyway the ships planned statistics.

FBWE - Fly By Wire Enabled

Max Speed FBWE: 120 m/s
Max Speed Kinetic: 15 m/s Acceleration
Armaments: 2 Auto caste Marauder cannons (360 rot repeater gauss cannons)
Missile HdPt: x4

Max Turn rate FBWE: 3deg/s
Max Turn rate Kinetic: 4.5deg/s

Retro Burn FBWE: 100 m/s
Retro Burn Kinetic: 13 m/s Acceleration

Interior Facility's

3 Primary Compartments
Front - Cockpit / Command
Middle - Habitat Module
Rear - Cargo Hold / Crew Quarters / Restrooms

Cockpit Chair
Weapons Control AI
Environmental Control

Transport seats/Dining Chairs
Extendible Table / Small Arms storage
Side mounted Docking ports

Cargo Hold
Entry stairs (extended when landed)
Restroom x1 shower, Toilet, Sink
Rest Facility's x2 Fold out bed's x2 3 drawer personal storage units

Maker's Notes:

The engines are place holder for the moment but they are designed to rotate up and down for pitch control and the thrust vents at the back rotate left to right to control
yaw, Each engine mount also has a smaller thrust vent that allows the ship to travel straight even when the engines are not aligned to forward vector.

The RCS thrust is mostly controlled by the engines but a small set of RCS jets are mounted just ahead of the cockpit (the bar between the lower wind-shield and the upper wind-shield. Also the Antimatter intakes line the front sides and bottom of the ship as far back as the docking ports.

I will continue work on this to try and flesh it out but theirs only so much i can do on my software. I mainly made this as a cheaper alternative to the connie for those who want something smaller and less flashy but still built to the RSI style.

Im also considering re-engineering the entire cockpit to include a gunners chair instead of a weapons control AI terminal.
  • Harald-Sigurdsson

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    Great job so far, definately fits within RSI's utilitarian design ethic. I would definately buy one.
    Ships Owned: F7C-M Super Hornet, Retaliator Heavy Bomber, Vanguard Heavy Fighter, and Carrack Explorer.
  • SDusk

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    Thank you, that means a lot to me.

    I will try to complete it once my software is sorted out.
  • Captain_Trumbauer

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  • DrDuncan

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    Are the engines on the wings at the complete rear of the ship, or does it have anything extending farther back then what is shown?

    P.S. Just as a side note 'Inquisitor" sounds like an odd name for a freighter to me. "Nebula" or "Cosmos" are some alternatives that I think would better fit the theme of RSI, But that is solely my opinion.
  • Raidal

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    Did this become the Freelancer?
  • Switzer

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    Looks like an Aurora / Freelance hybrid! Pretty awesome. I'd like to see where this goes ;)
  • Mark-Brandis

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    Yeah, looks like the logical filling for the gap between Aurora and Constellation.
    Go on with the good work, I will see it in game.
  • Jal

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    Ooh! Gutsy listing it as an RSI ship, but it definitely does seem to fit within the idea of RSI. It looks a lot like the Aurora and Constellation and seems to have a similar sort of functionality.

    Best of luck to ya!
    Jal Calan
    Cossack Legion
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