Guide to Star Citizen (aka summary of lore interviews and everything) 2.0


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Under Construction - Work in Progress

I do not have much time to update this right now, I will do my best to update the interviews section with external interviews. Other stuff will be added over time. Expect me to be much more active at the second half ofNovember.

Official intro for new recruits to Star Citizen

From this update (note: updated links to match the new site)
To our new backers, we would like to say welcome and thank you for lending your support. Your pledges are helping us making the game we've always wanted to play, and helping us go around the studio system to create a truly independent AAA title. For those of you who are new, here are some of the services you can expect from the website, with more planned for the upcoming relaunch!:

- Comm-Link: Daily posts about the game, from team interviews to concept art to design mechanics. There's always something new in the Comm-Link.
- Spectrum Dispatch: Twice-weekly updates about Star Citizen's universe including ongoing short fiction designed to take you into our world before the game launches.
- Wingman's Hangar: A weekly live show about Star Citizen's development that will introduce you to the team, update you on our progress and celebrate our fans! Our YouTube channel also features plenty of bonus content and longer videos.
- Ask a Developer!: The RSI forums include a special section with a thread for every member of the Star Citizen team. Team members take time each week to answer the questions you post!
- Live Chat: The Star Citizen live chat is hopping 24/7, and members of the development team stop by daily to chat about the game.

Want to know even more about the game? Here are some "must read" Comm-Link updates!
- Customer Service FAQ
- The Star Citizen Economy
- Death of a Spaceman - Star Citizen's death mechanic.
- The ship Insurance FAQ
- The new Account and Character Naming plan
- Ship Component mechanics
- Chris Roberts on Instancing
- Chris Roberts on Physics

Important Comm-Link updates!
Package Changes
Package Re-Sale Policy

Buy packages and add-ons here
I really recommend to start with the mercenary package because it comes with alpha and beta access.
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