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Hello Everyone.

Welcome back and I hope everyone had a great weekend. The countdown to Gamescom continues with most of the team crunching to get everything ready. That doesn't mean we are going to slack with our Comm-Links this week, ohhh no. We have all the regular stuff this week: (10 FTC, ATV, RTV) as well as Bugsmashers! and the return of Wonder World of Star Citizen! We also have another FPS update coming Friday from Jason Hutchins and the team at Illfonic.

On top of all our weekly content the Merlin is now in the pledge store and 1.1.5 is live! We will be releasing hotfixes throughout the week in order to address some of the issues we have found and issues the community has presented to us, so thanks! As always thank you citizens.

Monday, July 27th
- 10 for the Chairman Episode 61

Tuesday, July 28th
- Meet the Devs: Mark Skelton

Wednesday, July 29th
- Bugsmashers! Episode 7
- Jump Point Rerun
- Merlin Q&A
- Vault Update

Thursday, July 30th
- Around the Verse: Episode 55

Friday, July 31st
- Reverse the Verse (11:00 AM Pacific Time.
- Wonderful World of Star Citizen Episode 3
- FPS Update – Week of July 27th
- Twitch Weekly w/ Army12bc (1:00 PM Pacific

Fan Podcast Schedule

Monday -
• Star Signal -
• Innside the Verse -

Tuesday –
• Conversaciones en el Espectro (Chats in the Spectrum)
• Star Citizen AA -
• Guard Frequency -
• INNverse the Verse -

Wednesday –
• Star Citizen Addicts Anonymous -
• Fortnightly Frontier -
• SCNR Stream -
• [Redacted] -

Thursday -
• Weekly BadNewsGaming Multi-Stream -
• The Spacers Table -

Friday -
• The Base Friday Show -
• Star Citizen with Zap & GW -

• Beyond the Horizon -
• Star Citizen Report - (every other Saturday.)

• Tales of Citizens - (every other Sunday)
• The Versecast -
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