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This is an updated list of common issues and their workarounds.

Please see this link before reporting any new issues

AMD users
• Stalling and poor performance
If you are experiencing frequent stalls/stutters and are using AMD hardware while running the game try switching to AHCI in the BIOS settings. See the following thread for more information:

• Choppy audio and echoing - Realtek HD Audio
Open your Control Panel and then open the Realtek HD Audio Manager. Select the Speaker Configuration tab and pick stereo

• Constant flickering graphics/coloured artifacts
We're currently working on getting SLI support - try disabling for now
• Sleep mode activating in game when playing with a joystick
Try disabling sleep mode in Windows settings!
• If you receive a DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED message / crash
Try updating to the latest graphics card drivers via the manufacture's page

Multiplayer Connections
• Always returned to the Hangar when attempting to connect to a Multiplayer map
This may be a symptom of trying to connect through a campus network
Please verify that you have the following ports open:
TCP Ports: 8000 - 8020
UDP Ports: 64090 - 64110
If not, you may need to contact the local system admin - and fill out some paper work indicating that you need some additional TCP an UDP ports opened.

Ballistic Weapons
• Unable to fire ballistic weapons once loaded into dogfight map
Make sure you've equipped the required ammo using the holotable before loading into the map!

Game minimizing during gameplay
• Occasionally the mouse will still be active in multi-monitor setups causing the game to minimize when clicking
Try opening and closing the console with the [ ` ] key.

Cannot type in console
• Sometimes the console window will fail to accept input
Try using [ Alt ] + [ TAB ] to get out of the game and then in again to regain the ability to type in the console.

Laptop Users (NVidia) crashing
• Laptops performing badly or crashing on load
Try accessing the NVidia control panel settings and creating a profile for Star Citizen. When using the "Global Settings" the laptop will attempt to run the game using the Intel 4000 on-board graphics chip. By creating a separate profile and dumping the Global settings, the on-board graphics (e.g. NVIDIA GeForce GT 645M) will be used as default
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