HOW TO: Find your missing Topic and Comments



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Where is my thread or comments?
1. click on your profile picture or user name.
2. click on Comments scroll down your posting history to find where your comments, replies, or topics got moved into.

NOTE: We try to keep repetitive threads in one katamari (merged) thread as to not have the same subject posted over and over. As such while your original post may have had one subject in mind, the thread continued in another way that not only related to your original post, but also fell in line with a katamari thread. Because of this, we will merge your thread into an existing katamari.

Reply Notification
To get notification of replies, you can subscribe to a topic by clicking the Star at the top left of each Topic Subject you want to follow, it will then create a bookmark in your profile.

NOTE: There's a minor bug with the forum, you won't see the Star highlighted unless you hit F5 to refresh the page.

Your Threads
You can also quickly find threads you have started by click on the Discussion button.
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