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August 26th 2016

Star Citizen Adds More Features in Latest Alpha Release
SC Alpha 2.5 introduces pirate base, auto landing system, new flyable ships and more

LOS ANGELES, August 26, 2016 – Cloud Imperium Games™, the developers behind the much anticipated space sim Star Citizen™, has announced that the latest update to the game, Alpha 2.5 has gone live to backers. The new release provides several new ways to play in Star Citizen. There’s a hangout for pirates, a new method of landing your spacecraft and three new flyable ships.

The Grim HEX pirate base is where some of the more “unsavory” characters might be hanging out in the Star Citizen universe. Now players who elect to play outlaw roles can spawn at their own base rather than at Port Olisar as Star Citizen begins to show off an expanding faction system.

There’s plenty to discover at Grim HEX, including a pair of stores. Skutters is a guns and armor shop with a focus on energy weapons and KC Trending is a new clothing store with unique merchandise. But that’s only the beginning. Grim HEX will continue to expand in future patches with the addition of a bar, criminal missions and an outlaw racing area.

A new automated landing system introduces the first iteration of a simple and smooth landing process AND gives players the ability to land manually. The system will grow over the coming releases to ultimately incorporate things like docking and the ability to request/obtain landing authorization through the Comms System.

And what’s an update without some new flyable ships. Three ships have been added to flight-ready status, the Reliant KORE and two variants of the ARGO MPUV short-range transport.

For a complete rundown of all the new features in Star Citizen Alpha 2.5, click this link.

Star Citizen is 100% crowd funded and was officially announced on October 10, 2012. The money raised pays for the development of the game including the Roberts Space Industries platform where fans and backers can interact with the team, view multiple weekly webcasts about Star Citizen, learn about the story behind the game, read constant updates on the game’s progress and much more. Star Citizen is recognized by Guinness World Records as the top crowd funded project and game in the world. People interested in backing the project can do so at

About Cloud Imperium Games
Cloud Imperium Games Corporation and its subsidiary Roberts Space Industries™ Corp. were founded in April 2012 by renowned game developer Chris Roberts (Wing Commander, Freelancer, Privateer) and his business partner and long-time international media attorney Ortwin Freyermuth. Operating from Los Angeles and Austin under Roberts’ leadership and using his long-standing relationships in the game space, Cloud Imperium quickly assembled a top tier development team for the creation of art assets, story elements, and an extensive prototype for Star Citizen. Once UK-based Erin Roberts joined in 2013 to contribute his extensive background in game production, the Roberts and Freyermuth added CIG’s international operations in Manchester, UK to develop the mission driven Squadron 42 which is set in Star Citizen’s first person universe. Star Citizen and Squadron 42 are being marketed and launched via More information about the company, including jobs and contact information can be found at

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